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UIL Student Receives a Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship to Explore the Planning Intersection of AI and its Impact on Society

Haoyu Yue, a doctoral student at the  Urban Infrastructure Lab and Urban Design & Planning Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program, working with Professor Jan Whittington and Professor Qing Shen, has been named a 2024 Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellow. The fellowship aims to catalyze research collaboration between Microsoft Research and scholars across a range of disciplines core to discussions at the intersection of AI and its impact on society. The award includes collaboration opportunities with Microsoft Research and a $45K unrestricted gift to cover tuition, travel fees, and stipends for one year.

The program is highly competitive and attracts nearly 3000 applicants from around the world. Yue is one of 24 fellowship recipients worldwide, for a position that received over 600 applications.  In addition, he is the first to have received this prestigious award from the field of urban design and planning.

The fellowship will support his collaboration with Microsoft Research to explore a more efficient, reliable, and accessible clean energy solution for community resilience and equity through the development of community-based AI-powered microgrid (CAM) systems. Coupled with the workable institutional design of CAM partnerships among stakeholders, the work involves a community innovation approach to energy transition and AI-community collaboration, as well as inspiring broader initiatives in clean energy transition beyond microgrids.

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