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Cities & Information Technology

Research on Cities & Information Technology

Information technology, sensors, and machine learning are being combined in numerous ways that promise to impact the appearance, function, economics, quality of, and access to cities. Digital information can tell people about cities and their infrastructure, be the proprietary product of private investment, and constitute personally identifiable information for public residents of cities. Cities and citizens are increasingly reliant on digital information for public life and civic functions, and yet the internet that serves this information is itself a system of infrastructure, with its own requirements of energy and investment. What methodologies are appropriate to understand the impact of these systems, on cities and the public they serve? What governance systems are appropriate to the multifaceted nature of information technology, for a competitive economy, information security, and the public need for privacy, equity, and inclusion?

The Urban Infrastructure Lab explores these and related lines of enquiry in theoretical papers, empirical studies, and public advisories. We use transaction cost economic approaches to problems of information privacy and security, and develop works that support evidence-based policymaking and institutional design in the US and Europe.

Recent Publications

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