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Infrastructure Planning & Economics

Research on Infrastructure Planning & Economics

Infrastructure consists of the natural and humanly devised systems relied upon for energy, water, waste, transportation, health, education, and information.

The vast expense of urban infrastructure gives it a pivotal role in the economics of cities and regions. The industrial structure and economic organization of infrastructure systems, owned and operated by large public and private organizations, are suited to transaction cost economic analysis and the greater framework of institutional economics in which it resides, with concern for consumers, less than perfect competition, antitrust, and market externalities.

Planning can be understood for its role in the design and development of infrastructure and, more critically, economizing on transaction costs, empirically-based governance, the redistributional qualities of infrastructure, and internalizing externalities. The planning of infrastructure investment is a critical component of the budget cycle of governments, and of lasting importance for the portfolios of private firms.

Prof. Whittington, a former student of Economic Nobel Laureate Oliver Williamson, applies transaction cost economics to examine infrastructure efficiency and effectiveness, and recommend policy changes and decision-making methodologies for planning, developing, and governing infrastructure.

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